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The Raven's Nest

The Raven's Nest

Aerial View of Home

The Raven’s Nest
Building My Getaway
For many years during midlife, I led the transient
lifestyle of a commuting airline pilot. Twenty plus years of a
suitcase always open either coming or going. A life of splendid
vistas perhaps, but unending bouncing around from place to place
amidst chaos and noise. I longed for my little spot to retreat
to. And so, I spent many, many days off from the commute,
searching for a suitable spot that would provide the privacy and
peacefulness I longed for.
After several years of continuous searching, I found 4523
Duffy Hill Rd. more average than I had envisioned, but the spot
is breathtaking. I was hooked. The task would be daunting as
this was 105 acres of raw land, i.e. no electrical power; no
well and no driveway. And the building site I chose was a long
way uphill. AHH, but the potential was, and I dare say still is,
So, having made the decision to go ahead with a huge task,
I set about to design a house that would blend to the site and
be, at once, smallish cozy and efficient, yet open and airy and
take advantage of the splendid views.
For the six years until my forced retirement at age 60, I
spent countless hours in hotel and in the back of airplanes
whilst commuting, sketching and resketching plans. It had to be
simple, open and affect maximum utilization of space. It was at
times, very frustrating to blend the needs into an efficient
design. I learned a lot.

I was very fortunate to find a master wood working guru in
my neighbor Rodger Adkins. Rodger was eager to assist me with
the project and we hired another local carpenter to assist. The
three of us set to work enclosing the timber frame erected by
the Liberty Head Post & Beam Co. of Huntington, VT. The
adventure commenced the second week of July, 2002 and continues

yet, as there is no boundary on what this special site can
I have now reached a turning point in age, relationships
and financial capabilities whence it is time to pass the torch
on to new owner(s), who are likewise smitten with this special
place and who also see the vast potential it holds. Fresh
visions will continue to enhance the natural splendor of this
I depart with the satisfaction that others will gather on
the porch, wine glasses in hand and converse in low tones about
the magnificent unfolding sunset, the deer in the meadow below,
and of plans for the X-country ski trail; or the sugar house, or
the guest house or...
The Raven’s Nest really is an as yet, unfinished canvas.
August 2017


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