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Everyone dreams of their perfect home. A waterfront home on Lake Champlain, a Burlington condo or Hill Section home, a secluded mountain property, a farmhouse on a few acres with a wind tower! In Vermont, finding your perfect home is a breeze. You're not just buying real estate in Vermont. You're investing in a lifestyle and living a dream.

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We know Vermont's every nook and cranny and will leave no stone unturned in helping you find your perfect home. Start your Vermont real estate search here!

O'Brien O'Connell Team
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Vermont Air

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I was lucky to be on two seasons of the CBS Television hit series Survivor. I almost won Survivor Marquesas! I made it 37 days out of a 38-day experience of survival on a remote island in the South Pacific. As a team member of 8 total strangers, we bonded and won challenges, foraged for food, made fire, and suffered through countless storms in the middle of the night. It was a madcap but a very real experience that changed our lives. I went on to play on Survivor All Stars and had an equally great time in Panama. I encourage others to step outside their normal life and take on a challenge however large or small. Do it with your children!

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