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Vermont Restaurants & Eateries

Friends at a RestaurantVermont devoted to sustainable, local, "slow", fresh and healthy. When it comes to the food we harvest, purchase, and prepare in our homes, promote in food industries, and choose when dining out. Several times named the healthiest state in the U.S., we believe in the agricultural industry Vermont was built upon, and in maintaining our lifestyles to promote it, from farm-to-table. We've got more to offer than just a fresh diet - we've got amateur and professional foodies experimenting with bountiful harvests, and chefs galore hell-bent on featuring in their cuisine the best of the best of local food products.

It's no wonder that both The Art of EatingEating Well Magazine and Edible Green Mountains have their headquarters in Vermont. There is so much to inspire writers and editors out the back door and around the block. From Sunday brunch to late night eats, check out some of Vermont's best places to eat:

Burlington & Immediate Surroundings

Just Outside of Burlington

Events and festivals

Vermont promotes local harvest and food products. Discover the many events and festivals that take place year-round in Vermont:

The Alchemist in Waterbury VermontBreweries

There are many local breweries to test in Vermont. Beer lovers, far and wide, come to Vermont to try delicious craft beers - from IPAs and ales to stouts and sours. Here are a few staples in the area:

Hard Ciders

Hard Ciders are also making headlines and we are sure to see this market continue to grow! Check out:


Looking to venture into New England wines? Visit one of our many vineyards: is your resource for a comprehensive overview.