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About Kathy

Kathy's Team was the Top for overall sales at Four Season's Sotheby's International Realty in 2021 

Kathy's approach to real estate is 100% personal. Whether you are buying or selling a home, she focuses on your needs from start to finish. Either can be a stressful process - let her invigorate and ease the path toward a successful result.

It is clear from your first point of contact, why Kathy has proven herself a peak performer in the industry several years running. She makes things happen. No matter what the task or degree of challenge, she seeks a superior result. It's about finding the most effective route and making a steadfast commitment toward your goal. This is only one of several qualities that set her apart. As her loyal following will attest, Kathy can make the purchase or sale of Vermont real estate a seamless, if not an enjoyable process for all whom she serves.

Her process begins with a keen ear. Kathy has made the total attention necessary to active listening, a perfected art. Next, you will find her your resource. An effective resource is both a wealth of information and an educator. She is both, arming you with the knowledge necessary to make smart decisions. With unparalleled energy and constant attention to detail, Kathy will walk beside you as your advocate, to the finish line. She thrives as a Realtor - she does this by putting you first.

From the Mountains, across the Valleys, and to Lake Champlain, Kathy O'Brien sets extraordinary sights to the highest of goals, for both you and herself. She is consistently setting sales records with those standards, in the industry, and within her affiliated company, Four Seasons Sotheby's International Realty. She proves her reputation time and time again, raising the bar even higher with each transaction. Add your name to her list of blissful clientele, and you too will be setting industry standards.

"I specialize in peoples' needs, not particular property types, neighborhoods or price ranges. I am dedicated, motivated, and energized to fulfill those needs."

Kathy is an innovative trailblazer and a zealous devotee. From her first entrepreneurial venture immediately following college (a dual location trendsetting stationery boutique), through life altering experiences on CBS' hit Television series Survivor (2001 and 2004), to a lifelong dedication to sport, travel, and family, her energy and spirit are incomparable. She is an exceptional individual both personally and professionally, and yet what is the first thing you will notice in your relationship to her? It will be her unfailing passion for making you and your needs a part of her every day.