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The winter sky will shine brighter than it has in more than 800 years!

December 21st may be the darkest day of the year, but look for the confluence of Jupiter and Saturn to make it brighter than ever! As in it's not been this bright in more than 800 years. WOW! Light brings us hope in the darkest of times. In a year like no other in our collective experience, we need hope and the promise of better things to come. We can shine together and take care of each other during these very dark days of winter. Where will you be when Jupiter and Saturn bring such bright light to all of us?

Confluence of Jupiter & Saturn

Snow on the pumpkins!

Snow came early here in Vermont and you might still see snow on some pumpkins as you stroll around town. But, more likely you'll see holiday lights glimmering, wreaths with their beautiful bows adorning homes and storefronts, and lovely vistas of snow-covered fields and mountains. The holidays are always a great time to be in Vermont and why not venture out to a place you haven't yet visited to experience the best the season has to offer! 

Take a trip up to Franklin to take in the visual spectacle of it's Lighted Parade.

Or head to Hotel Vermont in Burlington for one of its Mini Holiday Markets that features local artists and their wares, along with scrumptious hot chocolate, vinyl spinning seasonal tunes and a cozy fireside atmosphere that just can't be beat!

You won't want to miss Arts Riot in Burlington for a fun evening of more than 20 bands doing short sets, sponsored by Foam Brewers.  Short sets, great food, music and fun! 

And, take your pick of one or more of these great restaurants that feature fireside dining and top-rate ambiance during the winter season. 7Days. gives you the skinny on all of them!

Stay tuned for more ways to make the best of every day in the Green Mountain State! 


Lake Champlain, Burlington Hill Section, & Historic Shipwrecks

Lake Champlain ViewsThe Lake Champlain Quadricentennial brought some renewed attention to the lakes many shipwrecks. These Lake Champlain, particularly Burlington, shipping disasters must have been easily viewed from Burlington's Hill Section, where many of the historic homes here still feature widows walks. From these rooftop perches, captains could view their ships at anchor in Burlington Harbor and captains wives could view the safe return of their spouses.

Lake Champlain Historic Shipwrecks

Lake Champlain Shipwrecks are a Historic Part of Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain is home to more that 300 historic shipwrecks! A recent Vermont Public Radio series details these historic shipping disasters on Lake Champlain (History Under the Waves).

This fascinating series describes the sinking of several ships including one of the first steamboats in the United States. The Phoenix was a side-wheel steamer active during the early 1800s. It sank engulfed in flames after a pantry fire spread throughout the ship on September 5, 1819. The ship sank just north of Burlington at Colchester Reef.

The tale of this disaster includes casualties, a theft, a lifeboat shortage, and the bravery of a substitute captain (the ships captain was home with the flu, his son filled in for him on this momentous occasion). Learn more about the Phoenix.