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Make your good offer even better!


Good offer, or better offer?

Your chance to make a good offer, better.

It is time to make your good offer even better! ...It happens all the time: you fall in love with a home, are already planning your furniture layout, and the annuals you will plant out front, and you submit your offer. Aahh, your future is in hand! But not so fast. Your offer may not be accepted. More often than not, losing a home you really wanted to buy is discouraging in the least, and for some simply devastating! Do all that you can to avoid the disappointment. It is a hard lesson, but learning it before you place that offer will soften the blow: just because you place an offer, does not mean it will be accepted, or even counter-offered. A state of low inventory is everywhere and low inventory plus an increasingly positive economy means buyers are returning to the market and there is not much available to receive them. That is right...this means you have got competition for that house of dreams. It is time then to strategise! Lets up your chances for success! Check out this list on how to make your good offer even better, and attend to these suggestions wherever and whenever possible.

  1. Make your best offer initially; you may not get a chance to accept a counter.
  2. Submit a written per-approval letter from the lender.
  3. Increase earnest money above what is considered normal.
  4. Make a larger down payment.
  5. Eliminate unnecessary contingencies.
  6. Dont ask for personal property not included in the listing agreement.
  7. Pay your own customary closing costs.
  8. Shorten the inspection period.
  9. Buy the home as is subject to inspections which still allows you to get your earnest money back if the inspections are unacceptable but does not require the seller to make repairs.
  10. Write the seller a hand-written, personal letter telling them why you want their home; include a picture of your family.
  11. Offer to use the sellers or listing agents preferred title company.
  12. If you can pay cash, do so and arrange financing after closing. Be prepared to show proof of available funds.
  13. Schedule the closing as soon as possible but let the seller know you can be flexible.
  14. Once you decide on a home, act with expedience.
  15. Ask your real estate professional if they have any other suggestions.
Making an offer is quite like applying and interviewing for a job. You want to make your best impression and show why you are the best choice. You wont always know whether there are multiple offers, and if you are lucky, there are not any, but be prepared, because your competition will be. For more great reading, check out's article "5 ways to make your home offer stand out."

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