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Williston was established in 1763, located near present-day Lake Iroquois and surrounded by a fertile and beautiful landscape. To this day, Williston is blessed with an abundance of land suited to hunting, fishing, and hiking. An early resident of the town, and perhaps its most famous, was Thomas Chittenden, the first governor of Vermont and the man who gave his name to the county where Williston is located.

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Originally a mostly agricultural town whose residents supported themselves through subsistence farming, Williston is now the largest retail center in the suburbs of Burlington. Some $430 million was spent by shoppers in the area at last count in 2007, and that figure has only grown since. Easy access to Burlington International Airport and the rest of the state via I-89, which bisects the town, makes it an attractive location for many modern businesses, from retail outlets to technology companies. That's not to say that Williston today has completely foregone the economic benefits of its agricultural legacy - dairy farming remains an important driver of the local economy.

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