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Champlain Islands

Whether you're looking to experience history and natural beauty, or you want to enjoy the perfect shopping trip, the shoreside towns, beaches, and waters of Lake Champlain are guaranteed to satisfy. Located on the border of New York, Vermont, and Canada, the lake is enormous; the largest in New England. Historical sites and museums dot the shores of the lake, from the famous Fort Ticonderoga to the lesser known Whallonsburg Grange. When it comes to shopping, the vibrant artistic community in the area fashions goods of singular quality, whether you want them for gifts or for display in your own home.

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Dream location

The Champlain Islands are located at the northern end of the lake where Vermont meets Canada. Wherever you look, you will see and experience water! A wonderful local area is now being discovered! Most homes have great views and there is a terrific selection of lakefront homes.

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Champlain Islands Community

Champlain Islands