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What's For Dinner? Find it at the Burlington Farmer's Market!

Carrots Burlington Farmers MarketAugust 2-8 is National Farmers Market Week and the best place to celebrate is the Burlington Farmers Market. This market is downtown at Burlington's City Hall Park. The food is unparalleled in quality and freshness. From Digger Mirth Collective arugula to Jericho Settlers Farm grass-fed beef, you will find the best of Champlain Valley.

Burlington Downtown - Five Sisters Neighborhood

The Farmers Market is every Saturday 8:30 am - 2:00 pm (May 9 - October 31) and features crafts, prepared foods, and the fresh produce. Farmers Markets are heralded for supporting farmers, strengthening local economies, and generally helping people stay healthy. The Burlington Farmers Market does all this with the flair of a European-style street market.