Kathy O'Brien

Flavors from around the world

Did you know that Burlington is a Refugee Resettlement Community? Coming from places as diverse as Tibet, Bosnia, Nepal, Vietnam, Somaila and many African countries, they help create a diverse city and bring along their culture to share with other residents. And, they run many businesses -- lots of great restaurants with ethnic food -- that bring a unique vibrancy to the city! Ladislav Pancisin has been serving up amazing sandwiches since 2000! Coming from the Czech Republic, he draws on flavors from around the world at his little shop, Four Corners of the Earth.



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    Tiny houses make the perfect home for the homeless.

    Leave it to innovative students, with caring hearts, at Vermont's Norwich University -- building housing for the homeless based on the tiny house concept. Do you think we could take this further? Communities could adapt it in so many ways to fit available space, I think. How about in your community?




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      Survivor turns 40! How did that happen? Tune in to the retrospective on Feb 5th before the premier of the 40th season.

      How much fun to look back in time! The memories are so clear and seem like just yesterday sometimes. What a fun trip down memory lane.


      While your reminiscing, take a listen to my interview with Boston Rob. According to the piece, I'm a legend! WOW!



      Get paid to move to VT and work remotely?

      So, you want to move to Vermont. And, you want the convenience of working remotely. Well, the state has a pilot program that aims to bring people like you here. Has it worked? The jury is still out, but it's worth exploring, right? https://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/story/money/2019/11/19/vermonts-10-000-pay-move-remote-worker-program-does-work/4189358002/

      Glory Douglass Reinstein at her home office in Colchester, where she runs her new business marketing music to producers of TV shows, films and commercials.



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        Put away the Tinsel

        Are you taking down the holiday decorations/ Thinking about the  memories just made, and those that they stir up from the past? Can you remember the "Shiny Brigh" ornaments from way back? Take a trip down memory lane. I remember these on our tree growing up, and on everyone else's in our family.


        Birding on your doorstep

        Winter in Vermont can lead to a new hobby: Birding! If you're at all like me, you'll enjoy watching from your window the variety of birds that come literally to your doorstep. Here's more about how to have fun being a "winter birder."


        Hills Point Properties

        To the lake, with this trio of Hills Point, Charlotte properties that our team sold in short order!

        Shown in order:

        209 Hills Point features direct lakefront footage, and went under deposit in just five days this past August 2019.

        608 Hills Point is across the street from the lake and sold summer 2019.

        701 Hills Point offers direct lakefront land and sold summer 2018.


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          Snow on the pumpkins!

          Snow came early here in Vermont and you might still see snow on some pumpkins as you stroll around town. But, more likely you'll see holiday lights glimmering, wreaths with their beautiful bows adorning homes and storefronts, and lovely vistas of snow-covered fields and mountains. The holidays are always a great time to be in Vermont and why not venture out to a place you haven't yet visited to experience the best the season has to offer! 

          Take a trip up to Franklin to take in the visual spectacle of it's Lighted Parade. https://www.facebook.com/events/835028736914596/

          Or head to Hotel Vermont in Burlington for one of its Mini Holiday Markets that features local artists and their wares, along with scrumptious hot chocolate, vinyl spinning seasonal tunes and a cozy fireside atmosphere that just can't be beat! https://www.facebook.com/events/501365834039597/

          You won't want to miss Arts Riot in Burlington for a fun evening of more than 20 bands doing short sets, sponsored by Foam Brewers. https://www.facebook.com/events/463013910999195/  Short sets, great food, music and fun! 

          And, take your pick of one or more of these great restaurants that feature fireside dining and top-rate ambiance during the winter season. 7Days. gives you the skinny on all of them! https://www.sevendaysvt.com/vermont/seven-places-in-vermont-to-eat-and-drink-by-a-fireplace/Content?oid=28913918&fbclid=IwAR2RUcaBSXNJEpmV6FJmz9pXokh81hNjKw8VNb4_ahuEeDUdSq41VLhJEqw

          Stay tuned for more ways to make the best of every day in the Green Mountain State!